working women

In the 1960’s women were finally able to enter the workforce in great numbers. Instead of just being caretakers in the home, they had a way to provide for their family and make a difference. However, that did not come without prejudice and discrimination. Women were only allowed jobs at desks, making clothes, or anything seemed as domestic. If they did getting a working job it was something out of sight where no one could see what they were doing.  People believe that women were only good at domestic work and thought if you were going to make money why not do what you were good at. Well that didn’t sit well with any women who wanted to do better and more rigorous work. You could say that in today’s world that bias is gone, but that would not be true. Yes there are women CEO’s and yes there are women in high ranking positions, but the ratio of men to women is still outstanding.

There are lots of jobs in today’s world. Doctors, lawyers, computer scientists, rocket scientists, the list could go on forever. The one thing about women in half of these jobs is they get labeled. If a women wants to be a lawyer, she must be uptight, rude, and pushy,  if she wants to be into computers or science, shes trying to hard, is a nerd, or maybe she shouldn’t be doing a mans job.  Even in care taking positions, she can be a nurse but a doctor is too much work for her. let the man be the neurosurgeon, he is a lot smarter and isn’t as emotional so he wont make mistakes. Ever job a women chooses  comes with a label. Which in turn ends up pushing women away from doing what they want.

Finding a job or getting a degree for what you want to do in your life should not be dictated by the labels people make about you. Do what you want to do and don’t let anybody tell you that you’re not smart enough or to emotional for what you want to do. I hope in the years to come that women can be helped into doing what they want to achieve and not pushed away by peoples words against it.


Change in Women

In recent years a lot of women have gave up on the traditional ways and have started to focus more on themselves. More and more women are starting families and getting married later. We’re getting jobs people never thought we would get, receiving degrees that people thought we could not earn, and breaking records that were set for only men to achieve.

I think women are finally starting to see all that we can do, and we’re not letting ourselves be oppressed by the boundaries we once had. There is nothing wrong with going the traditional way and getting married early or starting a family. I just think women are so much more than mothers and wives, and it’s pretty cool to see women actually showing the world that.

Women still have a lot more to go through and a lot more boundaries to break, but with women doing all that they are now change will keep coming.


Trips to the Grocery Store

Whenever I get ready to go to the grocery store I actually try to look decent. It’s not so much I care what people think about me it’s just so I know I look alright. I noticed growing up my sisters and I all did the same thing, but my brothers would literally just get up and go. They wouldn’t even look in the mirror, it basically did not even matter to them.

I watched a video a while ago that said women tend to dress really nice when they’re going to the grocery store because they are more likely to find a partner if they look good. I personally didn’t have the thought of getting a man whenever I got ready to go the store, but it made me wonder if that is how most women think. Is the grocery store really a place to get a man?

After thinking about it for a little I realized that it probably is not just the grocery store, it’s going out in general. Women have to look nice going out because you never know who you will see or meet. I don’t think it’s a necessary thing to do if you’re trying to meet someone, but I guess it might help in a way.




when leaving your house you almost always take your car. When getting into your car its almost like your own little bubble. A place where even if you’re mad, sad, or irritated, no one can really talk to you outside of the car. Well for me its not always like that. When i see someones window down i usually stagger my car so our windows aren’t lined up. If i see someone looking at me i try and drive away. Driving has turned from finding a way to get to a destination, to a game for men to pick up women.  After practice when i am sweaty, tired, and just want to get home, I don’t want to have to worry about some guy pulling up next to me and pulling his phone out.

I feel like most people don’t ever think about this issue. They’ll say just ignore it or tell them to go away. As a women i feel like it shouldn’t be something i have to ‘just ignore’. Driving is my safe place. when i get in my car I like to be by myself. Having someone roll their window down next to me and ask if I’m single or if they can have my number, ruins that little personal bubble i have inside my car. Even having someone ask where I’m going. shouldn’t that at least be a little concerning. Focusing on the road should be everyone’s number one priority, not if the girl next to you is hot and maybe if i drive next to her she’ll talk to me.


Decriminalization Over Legalization

I believe marijuana legalization is one of the worst things to happen to California’s cannibus industry. There are many factors that add to this disaster that is Prop 64. Mostly, I believe that the legalization was focused on benefiting the state and not the citizens. Along with Prop 64 came some outrageous taxes averaging at around a 25% increase, which also impacted medical marijuana patients statewide, making their medication that much more difficult to obtain.

Another reason I am not in favor of legalization is due to the new laws that were put in place. I believe it is a little harsh for anyone to be charged for a DUI for having smoked in their car a few hours before being pulled over or confronted by police. I also believe the law is unfairly targeting and punishing lower class citizens as marijuana is the substance of choice in many poorer communities.

I am also critical of the new laws because I don’t believe it’s right that legalization makes it okay for rich people to invest in a cannibus dispensary with licenses that total in thousands of dollars so that they can sell marijuana, while people of color and poorer classes have been incarcerated for so long in this “War Against Drugs”. It seems backwards to me that this is now a booming industry when for so long people have been criminalized for doing the exact same thing now deemed legal.


Women in the Media

I’ve noticed a lot of media outlets in the entertainment industry are always focused on what women are wearing. Most of the news reported on women is about fashion. Women in the media do not get their important updates reported on, it is mostly just segments of who wore it better.

The biggest news women ever have is how nice of a dress they were or where it was from. Women have a lot more going on than just the dresses they wear or where their shoes came from. Women that our celebrities should have their major news and accomplishments discussed just as much as the outfits they wear.

If women did have more reported on young girls would be able to look up to a lot more than what they wear.



There has been a lot in the news lately about #metoo. When it first started I didn’t pay much attention but the more it started popping up and going viral on Twitter, I started to pay much more attention. The more I read, the more it began to affect me. You see I have a very close friend of mine who also was sexually harassed at her work place. Her boss said she could get a promotion only if she would go on a date with him. She really wanted to move up in her company and at first she thought this was the only way. When she talked to me about it I began to tell her that she didn’t need to do that and that she was being harassed by her boss. I showed her all the #metoo information and how all these brave women had the courage to stand up and speak up for their rights.

Because of our talks she had the courage to stand up to her boss and go directly to her HR department. Because of this he was fired and now my friend has the confidence to move up in her company through her hard work.

I think it’s sad that women have to face this kind of abuse but I am so proud as a women that there are the brave ones out there that weren’t afraid to speak up and tell on these powerful men. I hope these women continue to stand up and speak up and that maybe someday we can end this harassment.



I’m a basketball player at Cosumnes River College, and I notice the differences between men’s basketball and women’s basketball a lot more now.

Women’s basketball has always been held at a lower caliber than men’s basketball. Yes I do think there are certain things men can do that women can not, but the gap between pay, support, and acknowledgement for all that they do should not be so drastic. If women are putting in the same amount of work that men are they deserve the same repercussions as the men. Even though it is not possible to force people to watch women’s basketball it would help if women’s basketball was broadcasted, promoted, and praised as much as men’s basketball.

Women’s basketball is not the only women’s sport that is viewed as inferior to its male counterpart. It’s unfair to expect women to play their hardest in their sport and not be awarded the same. The gap should be decreasing by now, but it is still at the point it was years ago. Hopefully with enough support from fans people will see that women deserve as much as the men.


E news

E news mainly reports on celebrity news and gossip, along with trailers of upcoming films and television shows, routine segments about those three subjects, and some news about the industry in general.

Catt Sadler was working for E news for over a decade when she decided to quit on December 19, 2017. Catt found out that her male co worker who worked the same position as her was getting paid almost double what she was making. When she tried to ask for what she knew she deserved she was denied repeatedly. Although her fan base was hurt they still understood that she should stand up for what she deserved.

I honestly do not watch the show much, but one of my close friends watches it daily and she informed me on what was happening. I personally think Catt Sadler’s decision was very strong and commendable. She risked a lot by quitting, but she deserved to be paid just as much as her male co worker and she shouldn’t settle for less. A lot of young women look up to Catt Sadler and I think she’s setting a great example.



First Post

This is my first post on this blog due to several different curveballs life decided to throw at me . It may be a little late, but I still hope you guys enjoy the different topics I have to talk about.